The Hotel Ritter Durbach vintage bus

Mercedes Benz vintage bus & trailer for trips into the great, green beyond

Surprise your guests, family, business partners or colleagues with a trip into the great outdoors. Whether you're heading to a wine tasting, planning a barbeque, tea party, picnic, conference or workshop, or simply want to get away from it all: why not turn it into an unforgettable trip in 'Willi', our vintage bus?

Vintage bus, comfortably refurbished
The Mercedes Benz vintage bus O 319 was manufactured in 1963 and features 8 (1 chauffeur seat) original, incredibly comfortable seats, which can be adjusted to face the centre of the bus. Hold your event either inside the bus or out in the fresh air at a location of your choice.

Innenausstattumg des Mercedes Benz Oldtimerbus O 319 von 1963 vom Ritter Durbach

The 'Willi' bus may only be hired together with a chauffeur.

Whole day hire incl. chauffeur and up to 150 km: € 598
Every additional kilometre incurs a fee of € 2.50

Need more space? Our extraordinary trailer will provide you with a multitude of additional storage options.