[maki:´dan] im Ritter

Star cuisine casual, tangible, perceptible


[maki:`dan] im Hotel Ritter Durbach

Food is colourful. Surprises. Allows us to travel. Reminds us of our childhood. Allows us to dream. Food brings us together. Head chef André Tienelt underlines: „Food must fulfil us with happiness.“
[maki:´dan] is the phonetic transcription for Mazidan, which comes from the persian word Mezze and means delicacies, sociability and hospitality. 
That‘s exactly for what our Hotel Ritter Durbach is well-known since the beginning. There‘s no word which combines those three words like [maki:´dan]. That‘s why it was a conscious decision to choose this name for our new concept.
Those who know Mezze they know that‘s about a colourful mixture of food without a prescribed order. 
You, dear guest, you decide! Mix and try everything on your own whim! Find your favourite combination of our huge range of [maki:´dan]
Enjoy our delicacies, sociability and hospitality! And let yourself be surprised.

Please have a look at our menu and enjoy our selection of wines.

Opening hours [maki:'dan] im Ritter:
Tuesday - Saturday
 19:00 pm - 22:00 pm

 Enjoy our Ritter Klassiker on Sunday and Monday.