[maki:´dan] im Ritter

Star cuisine casual, tangible, perceptible


Food is colourful. Surprises. Allows us to travel. Reminds us of our childhood. Allows us to dream. Food brings us together. Head chef André Tienelt underlines: „Food must fulfil us with happiness.“

[maki:´dan] is the phonetic transcription for Mazidan, which comes from the persian word Mezze and means delicacies, sociability and hospitality. 
That‘s exactly for what our Hotel Ritter Durbach is well-known since the beginning. There‘s no word which combines those three words like [maki:´dan]. That‘s why it was a conscious decision to choose this name for our new concept.
Those who know Mezze they know that‘s about a colourful mixture of food without a prescribed order. 
You, dear guest, you decide! Mix and try everything on your own whim! Find your favourite combination of our huge range of [maki:´dan]
Enjoy our delicacies, sociability and hospitality! And let yourself be surprised.

Opening hours [maki:'dan] im Ritter:
 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

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"You can hardly adapt a historic room to the present in a more beautiful, more careful way than the Ritter-Stube has succeeded in doing!"
- Gusto, the culinary travel guide

"That something tastes so good that it brings tears to my eyes: This [maki:'dan] is simply madness!"  - Susanne T. from Offenburg