Charming, historical Freiburg

Runnels, alleyways and the cathedral

Freiburg has its own unique a way of life – and it's just an hour's drive from Hotel Ritter Durbach. Once you've experienced the historical old town on a bustling market day, you won't want to leave this small city in the tri-state-area.

Gothic architecture: One look at the stained-glass rosette flooded with light in the cathedral's west spire and you'll understand why the Freiburg Cathedral spire is known as the most beautiful Gothic spire in all of Christendom.

Runnels: Apart from the cathedral, this system of runnels, or small rivulets, are the city's most famous hallmark. Fed by the Dreisam river, these little waterways have been flowing through most of the streets in the old town since the middle ages. The runnels boast a combined length of over 9 km, are cleaned by special 'runnel cleaners' (a job that only exists in Freiburg) and are a delight for kids and adults alike. And if you should accidentally step into one of the runnels, legend has it that you are destined to always return to Freiburg, or to marry someone from Freiburg…

Great shopping: The variety of shops and goods on offer in the historical city centre have made Germany's southernmost major city a popular destination in the region.

Nature: Catch a cable car to the top of Freiburg's local mountain, Schauinsland, or take the mountain train up castle hill where you will enjoy a fantastic view of the lush city of Freiburg and the entire Rhine valley. It's also a great hill to climb if you prefer to stretch your legs.

Lively historical city centre, vibrant eco-friendly capital, hip and happening university city: let us help you discover the magic of Freiburg. Another attraction that's worth a visit is All Saints' Abbey – contact us for more details.