The European metropolis of Strasbourg

Stunning. Picturesque. Vibrant.

The Münsterplatz in Strasbourg is one of the most beautiful town squares in Europe –
and is just 28 km from Hotel Ritter Durbach. The square is complimented by Strasbourg's major landmark, the Strasbourg Cathedral. Its famous west façade and the view from the 142 metre spire are particularly remarkable.

The Münsterplatz is bordered by numerous Fachwerk houses built in the Alemannic southern-German style, some of which are up to four or five storeys tall. And the largest, most impressive Fachwerk house lies directly on the Place de la Cathédrale, the Kammerzell House.

Take a stroll through the cute little alleyways around the cathedral. Petite France is particularly charming, with its numerous little nooks and crannies, old mills and charming bridges, quaint houses, lovingly maintained courtyards and wine taverns.

Hotel Ritter Durbach has all kinds of special tips for your visit to this fascinating city: for example, why not take a boat cruise along the Ill river and discover the historic city centre from the water? For the best shops in Strasbourg or neighbouring Colmar…

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