Although it still cannot be exactly determined when and by whom Ritter was built as a "Gasthaus" (inn), it is certain that this noble Gasthaus "Zum Ritter" was listed in an official document as early as 1656 adorning the Talstrasse in Durbach.

It was presumably the last of the Staufenberger lieges, the "Wiedergrün von Staufenberg", who built the Gasthaus and bestowed the inn with "ewige Schildgerechtigkeit zum Ritter" (eternal legal use of the sign and name Ritter). This so called "Schildgerechtigkeit" was originally the legal right to hang a sign and the authorisation to allow guest housing.

Since the contract of 1378, the Staufenberger had awarded the cloister tenth rights ("Zehntrechte") for the care of the St. George Chapel on the Staufenberg. This tithe was collected in the rear half of the Ritter Keller, which faced the parochial court, and from there taken to Allerheiligen.

Ritter has a long list of predecessors which cannot be completely traced back to the beginning. Property history can be retraced based on the parochial archive in Durbach as well as an existing land register (containing information up to 1786) and billing documents. Up to the purchase by a Brunner, Ritter had 12 prior owners.

Timeline of the last Century
Hotel Ritter Durbach

16 August 1901   Purchase by the unmarried porter Wilhelm Brunner of Villingen, born: 12 January 1871, deceased: 30 June 1929
Purchase price = 49,000 Mark
    The Ritter proprietor maintained as of 1901 a stagecoach connection with 2 horse-drawn coaches.
1921   Acquisition by son Wilhelm Brunner, born: 1904
Offering post and passenger service, among other services
    At the end of the 1920s, the Ritter proprietor purchased a motor coach and offered short excursions as well.
The first telephone is installed at Ritter.
1926    The Ritter proprietor builds a filling station with petrol pumping facility.
23 April 1930   Inheritance by widow Maria Anna Brunner
born: 21 November 1872, deceased: 29 July 1953
29 May 1931   Acquisition by Wilhelm Brunner, born: 8 September 1904
9 November 1961   Acquisition by Wilhelm Albert Brunner
1964/65   Construction of a guest house in the garden near Kirchgässle.
For the first time in Durbach, guest rooms equipped with shower/bath.
From 1969   "Ritter", under the management of Willi and Helene Brunner, receives TWO STARS from the Michelin Gourmet-Guide 9 times
69-73 * 74-82 ** 83-94 *
1972   Purchase of the old rectory and construction of a new guest house with garages and indoor swimming pool.
1984   Construction of a new guest house with modern suites. At the same time, demolition of the old dance hall and toilet facilities.
1987   Ritter welcomes prominent guests of the BAMBI Awards.
1988   Meeting between German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and French President Francois Mitterrand in Ritter
    Visit from the spiritual head of Tibet, the Dalai Lama
December 1999-2007   Helene Brunner, born: 1940, deceased: 11 July 2007, runs Ritter with her daughter Karin Kipka, following the death of her husband.
1 January 2008   Acquisition of the Traditionsgasthaus "Ritter Durbach" by Dominic & Ilka Müller.
10 March 2008   Official New Opening with Vice President of EU-Commission Günter Verheugen.
26 November 2008   The 4 Star Superior Hotel Ritter Durbach was host to guests of the BAMBI Awards.
11 November 2009   The chef of the gourmet restaurant Wilder Ritter, Christian Baur, as well as his kitchen and service crews acquire a Michelin Star. 
The last time the restaurant won a Michelin Star was 16 years ago.