Sleeping accessories at Ritter

Good night and sweet dreams

At Hotel Ritter Durbach we want to make sure you enjoy first-class rest and recuperation at night, so that you can greet each new day with renewed vigour. Choose from a range of products for a good night's sleep:
  • Favourite pillow (neck roll pillow, extra pillow, hypo-allergenic pillow)
  • Favourite duvet (e.g. hypo-allergenic synthetic duvet, mattress protector)
Choose from a range of extras à la carte from our Sweet Dreams Selection. Slide under your duvet of choice with a good book and enjoy Ritter Service – from a soothing cup of evening tea, to a midnight snack for that late night appetite or a hot water bottle.

Simply ring our reception and we'll deliver whatever your heart desires, right to your room. We'll even bring up a cuddly teddy bear for your child, if they're homesick for their favourite soft toy.

Still can't sleep? Then pull on the cord on your upholstered bed-head! The melodious tinkling of a music box will gently rouse treasured childhood memories, so that you can sleep like a baby.

Goodnight and sweet dreams!
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