Wine spa treatments at the Ritter Spa

Fine wine has never been so sensual

Wine that will really get under your skin. At Hotel Ritter Durbach, there are more ways of enjoying wine then with good food or during wine tasting. Natural well-being and pleasantly soft skin are the twin benefits of cosmetic treatments offered by the Ritter Spa, which are based on one of the oldest plants known to man – vines.

Experience the wonderfully relaxing qualities of wine like never before – during one our treatments with the exclusive cosmetic line Vinoble.

What is your ideal wine tasting? We'll help you work out which treatments are best for your skin type, so you can look forward to looking and feeling great thanks to the wine treatments at the Ritter Spa.

Wine & Wellness

Vinoble Grape Seed Body Peeling

Duration: 20 minutes
Duration: approx. 25 min.
A liberating peeling with grape seeds and sea salt from the Dead Sea. The purified skin's surface can absorb the valuable grape seed oil with the high quality unsaturated fatty acids.
€ 45.-- per treatment

Vinoble Soothing Wine Bath

Duration: 25 minutes
For 2
Duration: approx. 25 min.
A high quality red wine leaf, oak bark, aloe vera, comfrey and grape seed extract concentrate. This moisturising bath makes your skin silky soft. Enjoy pure relaxation and enjoyment!
€ 70.-- per treatment

Vinoble - Sparkling.

Duration: 30 minutes
in the soft pack
Duration: approx. 30 min.
Honey & Wine Pack made from valuable grape seed powder, honey, wine and a special Vinoble grape body cream purifies the skin and stimulates cell regeneration. The tingly sensation on the skin gives you a refreshing feeling, resulting in a firm complexion.
€ 52.-- per treatment

Vinoble - Noble.

Duration: 90 minutes
Duration: approx. 90 min.
Including: sea salt & grape seed body peeling | soothing wine bath | full body massage 50 min | grape seed sorbet
€ 149.-- per treatment