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We have put together five different routes for your personal adventure. Through the beautiful vineyards deep into the Black Forest, 90km or 202km - there's something for everyone. Simply click on the link and let Google Maps guide you on your mobile phone.
We wish you a safe journey and an unforgettable time.

Pleasure along the Black Forest High Road

This route takes you via Kappelrodeck and Sasbachwalden to the famous Black Forest High Road. You can look forward to numerous places to stop for refreshments and sights such as the "Zur Großen Tanne" hut in Unterstmatt, a car and motorbike meeting point. The route continues past the beautiful Mummelsee lake to Allerheiligen Monastery, where there are many different opportunities for a break and culinary delights. The route takes you past the famous Allerheiligen waterfalls to Kalikutt. For even more Black Forest flair, continue along a very small road along a typical Black Forest stream towards "home" in tranquil Durbach and back to the Hotel Ritter Durbach.

  • Driving time | 2:00 hours
  • Distance | 90 km

Panoramic tour through the beautiful northern Black Forest

On this route, you will discover the scenic diversity of the legendary Black Forest with its wonderful roads and bends. You will pass the Ruhestein National Park Centre, which is an ideal starting point for hikes and also an exhibition venue. The next stop is the famous town of Baiersbronn, which attracts visitors with its varied gastronomy. From here, the route continues to Freudenstadt, the largest market square in Europe, where you can take a stroll. The route takes you past the Alternative Wolf and Bear Park in Schapbach, which is always worth a visit. From here on, breathtaking views and pure Black Forest flair stretch through numerous valleys via Bad Peterstal-Griesbach, Zell am Hamersbach, Gengenbach and Ortenberg with Ortenberg Castle as its landmark. From here, the tour takes you back to the Hotel Ritter Durbach.

  • Driving time | 3:12 hours
  • Distance | 145 km

City trip with culture and culinary delights

This route combines the marvellous landscape of the Black Forest with the spa town of Baden-Baden. Stroll through this beautiful city, visit the Frieder Burda Museum, hop on a horse-drawn carriage or enjoy a cup of coffee in the spa gardens. Baden-Baden has so much to offer. Shopping fans will also get their money's worth here. Let yourself drift and enjoy the moment. Return via the famous Black Forest High Road, past the Ruhestein National Park Centre via Bad Peterstal to the Hotel Ritter Durbach.

  • Driving time | 2:50 hours
  • Distance | 137 km

Cultural road trip to the most beautiful vehicle museums

This route combines a super beautiful and winding as well as very idyllic route to the Marxzell vehicle museum, a very special kind of museum. Uniquely chaotic and therefore definitely worth a visit. We promise you won't forget this museum. On the return journey, you will pass through Gaggenau with its Unimog Museum as a highlight, which is always worth a visit. The next hotspot awaiting you is Baden-Baden with its spa gardens, Frieder Burda Museum and spa gardens, before you make your way home to Hotel Ritter Durbach. Whether in the great outdoors or in the city, enjoyment is the order of the day here.

  • Driving time | 3:53 hours
  • Distance | 175 km

The absolute highlights of the southern Black Forest

Pure Black Forest awaits you on our longest route selection: this beautiful and winding route leads into the impressive southern Black Forest. Here you will not only experience all the beauty of nature, but also the absolute highlights that attract numerous visitors every year. Passing the famous Black Forest Clinic from the TV series of the same name in the picturesque Glottertal valley (please respect the privacy of the rehabilitation guests), the route takes you to the Triberg waterfalls, which are among Germany's highest waterfalls with a drop of 163 metres and seven steps. Numerous cuckoo clock manufacturers and sales outlets along the way are waiting to be discovered by you and, of course, a visit to the largest cuckoo clock in the world is a must. The journey home takes you via the romantically situated Hornberg and the town of Gutach, where the famous Bollenhut comes from, with its attractions worth seeing, back to the Hotel Ritter Durbach.

  • Driving time| 4:07 hours
  • Distance | 202 km

Short trip to the winegrowers and highlights of the golden wine village

This rather shorter route leads through forests, meadows and vineyards and includes many wonderful viewpoints that invite you to stop for a cosy picnic. Look forward to the highlights of Durbach and visit the St. Anton ruins or the St. Wendel chapel and visit one of the award-winning wineries such as Andreas Männle, Glanzmann, Alexander Laible or Weingut Markgraf von Baden. The Ape's cargo area offers sheer endless space and is ideal for filling. And what could be nicer than stopping off at Staufenberg Castle for a Viertele and a tarte flambée after work and letting your gaze wander over Durbach and the Ortenau.

  • Driving time| 1:00 hours
  • Distance | 30 km

Pure nature in the Black Forest National Park

This beautiful route takes you via Allerheiligen waterfalls, which are among the most beautiful and highest waterfalls in the Black Forest and cascade down the steep rocks over seven cascades of almost 90 metres, to the Ruhestein National Park Centre. Here you can decide for yourself whether to visit the current interactive exhibition, visit the café or explore the national park on your own. From there, continue through the Black Forest to the Alternative Wolf and Bear Park in Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach, a wildlife conservation project in which bears, wolves and lynx from poor husbandry have found a new home close to nature. The way back leads you through the marvellous landscape with fantastic viewpoints and refreshment stops via Oppenau and Nesselried back to the Hotel Ritter Durbach.

  • Driving time| 2:10 hours
  • Distance | 107 km

Please note that we cannot accept any liability for road changes, road closures, roadworks and diversions.

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